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evidence of timewasting

What I've gone and done, and what on Earth I was thinking at the time

the cross compiler

Well, what can I say about myself? I think I'm perfectly normal, but I'm used to me.

The easy stuff, then: I'm a computer geek, and probably fit the stereotype of being antisocial and uncommunicative (except when the conversation turns to computers/scifi). I have a day job that's dull but stable. I rarely go out except for live music and pub quizzes.

Contents of this journal: You can all read the observations on local bands, cycling and Doctor Who, but most of the personal stuff is friends-only. You should be warned that I don't take this whole thing entirely seriously - I'll go from woeful grumbling through petty ranting to aimless whimsy in a short space, without emoticons or other markup to indicate where I'm joking, because I forget how annoying this can be for the reader. I don't feel sincere offering sympathy or *hugs* in comments, and I'm not sure how to respond when others do.

Friends policy: I only friend people I know IRL - if I've added you and you're wondering who I am, you should be able to see my legalname in my contact/IM details. If you add me, I'll have to match your (user)name up to your face (give as few or as many clues as you want) before friending you back.